TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 1-375 (2023)

A new profession is now thrown into World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic - Jewelcrafting. Jewelcrafting is a profession that has a lot of potentials to make you a lot of WoW TBC goldall throughout the Burning Crusade Classic. Todayin this WoWTBC Classic jewelcrafting guide, we’re going tolearn how you can levelthis profession up from 1 to 375 in under1hour andas cheap as possible.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 1-375 - Level Up Jewelcrafting Fast In Burning Crusade Classic

If you are looking for professions with personal benefits, jewelcrafting isn’t it. With that being said, choosing jewelcrafting is a great gold-making profession in TBC Classic. If the monetary gain is what you are after, jewelcrafting is a fantastic option. It’s low effort, all you have to do is cut gems for a price, and you can make a steady income. Being a jewel crafter will not only make you money but save you money as well. Since you will be able to fund your own gems throughout the expansion and save money on those expensive metagem cuts. Pair jewelcrafting with alchemy so that you can transmute your own metagems and you will have your own little gold-making business up and running that is funded just by flipping auction house mats. That's why you need to know how to reach max Jewelcrafting in Classic TBC.

Tips And Tricks Levelling Jewelcrafting Skills In WoW TBC Classic

First of all, here’s the list of all the reagents you’ll need to get from 1 to 375. Now keep in mind this is what most people should need, you may or may not need more or a bit less than what’s shown here depending on your luck.If you don’twant to travel to the auction house multipletimes while ,the best thing you can do isbuyaround 10 to 20% more than what’s shownfor the items in red and then sell the remainingstuff when you’re done.

OrIf you’re aimingfor the cheapest way to level instead of thefastest buy Copper, Bronze Bar, Mithril Bar, Thorium Bar, Heat of the Wild, Powerful Mojo, Essence of Earth, Any Green Gem, Adamantite Powder, Primal Earth, Adamantite Bar, Any Yellow Gem even less and make some trips to the auctionhouse to really be precise and not spend unnecessarygold.

Some things to note, the great thing aboutWoW Classic Jewelcrafting is that you don’t need tobuy any rare recipes to level up, at least until you get to the highest levels. For 90 to 95% of your training, everythingwill be available from the trainer.So youdon’t need to worry about anything else.

If you are in phase 1, and there’sno real reason to go beyond level 365.You could actually stop at 365 and just get the remaining levels incidentallyfrom just playing the game normally and craftinggems for yourself, for guildies, or for sellingthem on the auction house.

If you’re a Draenei you definitely don’t need to go above level 370 ever while your profession.Since you have a race thatincreases your Jewelcrafting level by 5, there’s no real reason togo beyond 365 early on, you actually don’tneed to go above 360 as a Draenei, again oncephase 2,3, or 4 releases that are a differentstory.But at this point in time, there isn’t

really a reason to go beyond 365.

One last thing, most people will just vendorthe items that they make here, which is fine. But if you want to make a lot more money back,disenchant those items.If youdon’t have an enchanter yourself,you couldask someone around to do it for you, or youcould also just vendor everything.

WoW TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Requirements

Theplacefor Classic TBCjewelcrafting isin Exodar for the Allianceor in Silvermoon for the Horde.There’sa vendor close to the trainer and an auctionhouse nearby.So this is the perfect spotto level up jewelcrafting in TBC Classic. You will have to move on to Outland later, however, the tools you’ll need to get youto 375 a Jeweler’s Kit,a Simple Grinder,both obtainable from vendors near the trainers,and then you’ll also need a Mercurial Stonelater on.

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Burning Crusade TBC Classic WoW Jewelcrafting 1-375Guide

Here is everything you need to level your Jewelcrafting from 1 to 375 in Burning Crusade Classic.

TBC ClassicJewelcrafting Guide 1-45

From level 1 to 45, craft 75 Delicate CopperWire, this item will be needed to craft morethings later on.So make sure to keep it andcraft 75 andthat’s how much you’ll needin total.It’s better to make them nowinstead of later as they won’t give youany skills past 50.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide 45-50

From 45 to 50 craft 5 Malachite Pendants,based on your luck from the last step,youmay need to craft less or more of these.Thelist of reagents weshowed earliershouldhave you covered until the next step. But ifyou wanted to save as much gold as possibleand bought less, go ahead and make a trip to the auction house and buy the remainingneeded reagents to reach level 50.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 50-80

From 50 to 80 make 35 Bronze Settings, makesure to keep these as you’ll need them forthe next steps, 35 of these is what you’llneed to craft the items for the next steps. But this recipe will be yellow for 10 levels. So again based on your luck you may need tomake more or less of these to reach the nextstep.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 80-100

From 80 to 100 make 20 Gloom Bands, this recipewill stay red all the way till 100.So don’tworry about buying more reagents.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 100-110

From 100 to 110 make 10 Ring of Silver Might,similar to the previous one.This recipe willstay red all throughout those 10 levels, soyou don’t need to buy more reagents forthis.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 110-120

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From 110 to 120 make 10 Heavy Stone Statue,again this stays red all the way through.So80 Heavy Stones is exactly what you’ll need.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 120-135

From 120 to 135 make 15 Heavy Jade Ring, it’salso red for all 15 levels.Make sure hereafter you’re done to take the journeymanJewelcrafting skill.At this point,you cango ahead and vendor or sell all remainingBronze Settings, you won’t need them forthe rest.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 135-150

And from 135 to 150 make 15 Golden DragonRing, which stays red for all 15 levels.So don’toverspend, at this point after you reachskill level 150,you can go ahead and vendorevery remaining Delicate Copper Wire, youdon’t need them anymore for the purposesof thisWOW TBC Jewelcraftingguide.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 150-180

From 150 to 180 make 45 Mithril Filigree,this is an item that you’ll need 45 for the next step.So make sure to make at least45 and this should probably lend you somewherebetween 180 and 185 skill levels.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 180-185

From 180 to 185 make as many Solid Stone Statueas necessary to reach 185, depending on whereyou landed on the previous step,you may beable to skip this step altogether or makejust one or two crafts, it all depends onyour luck.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 185-200

From 185 to 200 make 10 Engraved TruesilverRing, stays red for all 15 levels.So no needto overspend on reagents.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 200-210

From 200 to 210 make 10 Truesilver Commander’sRing, also stays red for all 10 levels.

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TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 210-220

From 210 to 220 make 10 Aquamarine Signet,also stays red for 10 levels, no need to overspend.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 220-225

From 220 to 225, make 5 Aquamarine Pedantof the Warrior, it stays red for all 5 levelsand at this point, you can vendor or sell yourremaining Mithril Filligre, you won’t needthem anymore for the purposes of this guide.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 225-245

From 225 to 245 make 25 Thorium Setting, you’llneed about 25 for the next steps.So just makethat many and then make more to reach 245if necessary.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 245-275

From 245 to 275 make about 40 Truesilver HealingRing, most of you will land somewhere between275 and 280.For the purposes of this guide, we’ll assume you’re 275 but generally,you will probably need to make less of thenext recipe.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 275-285

From 275 to 285 make 10 Diamond Focus Ring,this stays red until 285 and because AzerothianDiamond can be quite expensive.Werecommendyou buy just enough of what you need to getto 285, or at least buy a lot and sell therestlater.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 285-300

From 285 to 300 make about 20 Onslaught Ring,this recipe will be yellow for 10 levels.Soyou may need to make more or less depending on your luck.Either way, you’ll need tobe 300 to move on to Outland for the last steps of this guide.So make as many of thisas necessary to take you to 300.At this point, you can vendor or sell any remaining reagents and vendor or disenchant any jewelryyou made.It’s now time to move to Outlandwhere you’ll start making gems, but beforeyou go there,get yourself a mercurial Stone. This is an item that alchemists make and you’llneed it for this jewelcrafting guideWoW TBC Classic.

Then you will needto go to either Tatiana in Honor Hold or Kalaenin Thrallmar and buy any of the gem recipesthat they sell.Any of these recipes work but some of themwill be cheaper to make than others.Whileat the same time, some will be worth more onthe auction house than others.To help youchoose if you don’t want to bother selling those on the auction houseafter you craftthem, generally you’ll want to make thegreen mixed gems.Those are generally verycheap to make depending on your server.If you selling these on theauction house instead of a vendor, you’d better go with a red or yellow gem, those will generallyhave the highest demand so the highest price. It’sup to you what to choose, this alsoapplies to the blue gems.

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TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 300-305

So from 300 to 305,make 5 to 7 of any of thesegreen quality gems. This recipe is yellowfor all 5 levels,so around 7 is what you’llneed to make on average.But you may need moreor less depending on your luck.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 305-325

From 305 to 325,you just unlock a new recipe. Go ahead and buy the new305 recipes and make around 30 of any of these.This craftis yellow for all 20 levels,so again you mayneed to make more or less of these dependingon your luck.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 325-330

From 325 to 330 make 10 Mercurial Adamantite. For this,you will need the Mercurial Stonethat we talked about and you also need togo to the forge nearby.You will need 10 ormore for an upcoming step.So as usual make10 and complete the rest if necessary.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 330-340

From 330 to 340,make 15 of Rigid Golden Draenite,this craft is yellow for all 10 levels soas usual, you may need more or less than 15depending on your luck.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 340-350

From 340 to 350 make 10 Heavy Adamantine Rings,this becomes yellow for 5 levels.So you mayneed to go back and make more Mercurial Adamantite,depending on how lucky you are.

TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 350-365

From 350 to 365, this is where it starts toget expensive and annoying to levelup your WoW Classic jewelcrafting.At thispoint,your only options are to buy a rareworld drop recipe for a blue gem(Noble Topaz, Nightseye, Talasite, Star Of Elune, Living Ruby, Dawnstone) and makethat up until 365.If you search these on the auction house,you’llalso find the recipes that use those.And buy the cheapest one you can findand make that up until 365.

Remember once you’re 365,there’s littleincentive to go above that.The only thingthat requires more than 365 to make is theepic gems that are not in the game as ofnow.The jewelcrafting trinkets a few epicgear recipes that will be good for certainplayers in niche scenarios.If you’re not interested in any of these, wewould recommendyou stay at 365.

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TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide 365-375

Just get from 365 to 375, by just making your guildies gemsnaturally when needed or by actually makinggold while crafting these gems.But if you really want to level up your Jewelcrafting skill from 1 to 375 in WoW Burning Crusade Classic asap, you can go ahead and buy some Meta gem recipeand make that until 375.Those will be expensiveand not all of them will turn back your profit. Therefore,choose based on what is worth good moneyand make that and then sell it on the AH.


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